Apr 20, 2014

Writing Process - Blog Hop!

I’m posting this a day early! I was tagged to participate in the Writing Process Blog Hop by Bridie Hall, fellow Evernight Teen writer of Letting Go -- about one girl, two brothers, and a road trip that leaves them broken-hearted. Check out her blog

My Writing Process – Blog Tour
1)        What am I working on?
I recently finished PLEDGE, book II from my YA Paranormal Romance Teddy Owens Series. I’m currently working on an extensive rewrite of a New Adult Epic Fantasy, REVERIE. I started this manuscript several years ago, but after a new round of inspiration I decided to take a leap with several significant plot changes. It seems there are plenty of new ideas swirling around in my mind; however, there are simply not enough hours in a day. I try to concentrate on one piece of work at a time, and then refocus on something new if I need a break.

2)        How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Writers of paranormal/romance or epic fantasy/romance each bring a unique flare and stubborn vision to their hard-fought works. In this genre there are endless opportunities to create new breeds of outlandish characters, or even provide seemingly common characters with powerful special abilities—therefore turning common into spectacular. You just never know how a story's plot may bend...because fantasy writers have unlimited creative control over the direction of their stories. I love this genre because there is no confining limit. If my work is different, it's because I'm enabled to implement new rules for operating on earth, or I can go ahead and forget earthly rules to create a whole new world. 

3)        Why do I write what I do?
In the past I did try to create stories without paranormal elements, but with each effort a surreal/mystical aspect of the story eventually emerged. I feel endlessly drawn to follow these pulls of creativity.

I rarely have all the plot points drawn out when I sit down to write a first draft. I like to let the story and characters flow naturally—never knowing where it will end up.

4)        How does your writing process work?
I’ll have a loose idea of the story's plot at the beginning, but if past experience is any indication, the plot will change drastically over the course of early drafts. Once the first draft is complete, I take a break from the story. After the break, I return with renewed energy and vision to start 2-4 in-depth rounds of rewrites. My best character development happens in these early rounds of rewrites. I do have a history of too high a word count; therefore, future rounds of edits are used to tighten up the story. Splicing and dicing of long fought pages is a part of the job, but it's still difficult.

Next week, be sure to stop in at novelist and poet, Holly Ducarte’s blog

Holly Ducarte is a published poet and aspiring novelist, working toward her first publication under historical fiction. She is currently completing a 16 Module Commercial Novel Writing Course. She is also a hopeless romantic who enjoys autumn, the poetic works of Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost, mystical realism, entertainment, and travel. 

To access her poetry books, HIDING SKELETONS and LITERARY BONES, and for updates on Holly's other projects, please feel free to visit: www.hollyducarte.com.


L. A. Cadieux


  1. Your writing process sounds a lot like mine. :-) I'm looking forward to reading your next books.

  2. Thanks for the Blog Hop invite, Bridie! :)


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