Jul 12, 2012

"A Day in the Life" Guest Post, Sept 10th 2012

Great news! I've been asked to guest post September 10th 2012 on Nely Cab's blog. Nely is the amazing writer of Creatura---and a fellow Corvisiero Agency client. We're talking about "A Day in the Life" of a mom/writer while balancing writing + social media. ;)

"Have you ever wondered how authors, bloggers, editors, publicists, etc., juggle their lives and find balance between their busy work schedule and their personal time? Well then you'll love this...

A new feature on my blog will kick off on Monday, July 16th, 2012. Every Monday my guest will take you and me along for a stroll through one typical day. Not only will they talk about their day, but they'll give us an insight on their current projects, and if we're lucky, they might even throw in a surprise giveaway. So keep your eyes peeled and get ready for..."

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