May 23, 2012

Teddy Owens

Teddy Owens has undergone a transformation! It took a few months, but ONE LIFE will set sail and head out to the YA literary sea---en route to find publication (hopefully all the stars align)---courtesy of the fabulous team at Corvisiero Literary Agency.

Now, I'm standing on my front porch like a mother sending off her child; awaiting the moment when Teddy will take her first steps out...on her own.

A few random facts:

It was 2007, when I started down the bumpy path to write my first novel. My first manuscript (a YA speculative fantasy) would be finished, and then later shelved. Initially, ONE LIFE started out with minimal fantastical elements. The first few chapters were saved in April 2009 under the name: TIME WILL TAKE THEM AWAY. The female protagonist, Teddy (Theodora) Owens, is named after Louisa May Alcott's beloved Theodore "Laurie" Laurence character---from the classic Little Women.  Originally I'd written Teddy as a twelve year old girl; however, after a few chapters I decided to make her older.

I hope Teddy's story will be available to read in the future. This is the place to find updates!

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  1. This is just so exciting! I do also hope that it will be on the shelf! More sooner than later of course ;) I want to add it to my growing book collection!


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