Jan 7, 2012

New York

In New York doing research for my next book. We have been in NY since Thursday and have had a fantastic, fantastic, time meeting plenty of interesting people and enjoying the sights/sounds the big city has to offer. It has become apparent there is more to do in this city than will be possible in one visit. We have been fortunate enough to visit Ground Zero, shop, visit the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, and watch Wicked on Broadway, then spent a couple hours exploring the shops and sights in Times Square. The energy in Manhattan is busy and vibrant---at all hours of the day or night. Tomorrow we will spend the day exploring Central Park and maybe stop in at The Met. Central Park plays a big role in my next book, so I'll do plenty of exploring.

I'm not on my laptop and the hotel computer is timing out! I hope to write another blog in the next couple days. Until then...

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