Dec 9, 2011

ONE LIFE: Early Reader's Take

Written by: Charlee

I was one of the few fortunate people who had the opportunity to read ONE LIFE when it was first written (even before edits :) ). It was such an exciting read from beginning to end. I was frequently blown away by the shocking twists and turns in the adventurous story line. I can't tell you how many times I said "Oh My God" out loud during this read.

The love story really pulled me in as well; it has been over a year since I first read the book I still have a 'crush' on a certain character.

I love it when a book pulls me in and I can imagine myself as the main character. Suddenly the real world disappears and I become lost in the words on the page; it's the best feeling. This feeling is also why I love to read. ONE LIFE did this for me and it will do the same thing for anyone else who reads it.

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