Oct 30, 2011

ONE LIFE: A Teddy Owens Story

Sixteen year-old Teddy Owens has barely considered her own mortality but within her lays dormant the ability to save one person from death...a particularly difficult decision to make when so many people she loves are in desperate peril.More information is coming soon.

Intent on leaving her troubled childhood in the past, Teddy Owens, has moved from Texas to her uncle's secluded mountain estate. Curious about her new surroundings Teddy ignores the persistent advice of her friend, Kane Piers, and digs to uncover the hidden mysteries of the estate, only to discover Kane has secrets of his own. With each new revelation Teddy is thrust further into a world where she is hunted for her supernatural power...to save a person from death.

ONE LIFE is a story about how a young woman with an extraordinary ability inherits generations of enemies and lies. After her family's sordid history of betrayal is unearthed, her world is rocked when she must travel to New York City and take an oath promising her power of One Life to the arrogant heir of a twisted underworld, Leevi Koivu. In the end she will have to make a hard choice and someone she loves, but cannot save, will die.


  1. I was one of the very few fortunate people who had the opportunity to read One Life when it was first written (even before edits :) ). It was such an exciting read from beginning to end. I was frequently blown away by the shocking twists and turns in the adventurous story line. I can't tell you how many times I said "Oh My God" out loud during this read.

    The love story really pulled me in as well and although it has been over a year since I first read the book I still have a 'crush' on a certain character.

    I love it when I book pulls me in and I can imagine myself as the main character. Suddenly the real world disappears and I become lost in the words on the page. It's the best feeling. It's why I love to read. One Life did this for me and I know it will do the same thing for anyone else who reads it.


  2. I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to read One Life. The story was very captivating and had me finishing in 2 days (I had another book started 2 weeks ago that I didn't finish reading yet). I easily imagined the scene and characters I read.

    I really hope this book is the beginning of a series because I would pre-buy them all to find out how the main characters life advances.

    This book is must read!

    Avid reader, Crystal


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