Dec 5, 2009

I Heart My Kindle

"I LOVE MY KINDLE 2!" If you are a serious reader put the Kindle on your next Christmas or birthday list. I wish all the BETA (experimental) tools available worked in Canada. A lot of the Kindle extras are not operational here but I'm sure they will be in the near future.


  1. Does it cost less to purchase books for your Kindle than ordering the actual paperback?


  2. Yes, its anywhere from 50% to 90% less to buy e-books on - new releases are priced at $9.99 U.S. (There is also a wide archive of old books in the $1.99-$2.99 price range) So if your an avid reader, you can't go wrong with purchasing a Kindle.


  3. I agree with Sandy. Considering you are an avid reader, Crystal, the Kindle will save you money in the long term. I think in the near future paper books will be a thing of the past. Save a tree, buy a Kindle. Goodness...Amazon is going to love me for the all free advertising.


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