Nov 30, 2009

All YA...All the Time.

Yesterday I finished reading The Summoning. Today I finished the The Awakening, the first two installments of the Darkest Arts Trilogy written by Canadian author, Kelley Armstrong. About half-way through the first book I found it was impossible to stop reading until the last page of The Awakening.

Recently I also finished reading the Vampire Academy series, by Richelle Mead. Book II Frostbite really had me invested in the series.
My quest to read every YA urban fantasy book I can get my hands on (or have time to read) is moving along wonderfully. Now I'm a lost cause officially hooked on far more series than I'll ever have time to keep up on. Really to be 'hooked on books' is a great problem to have.


  1. Hey Lacey Stephens,

    Can you post your book trailer again? I wanted to show it to couple of people.



  2. Hi Angela,

    You can view my REVERIE book trailer at the following links:

    Hope this helps.



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