Oct 28, 2009

U of A Interview

I had a surprise in my mail box. My interview with the University of Alberta Augustana Alumni is printed and looks awesome! The flat sheet should be available on-line soon. I will try to scan and post here and on: http://www.laceystephens.com/.

Reminder: This blog address will change to: www.laceystephens.blogspot.com on Friday. If you have trouble connecting please visit my website and click on "Blog & Twitter".


  1. Hello. My name is also Lacey Stephens and I am a writer, also. Nice to meet you!
    Tigerlily's Tirade

  2. Hi TigerlilyRose. I am glad to you dropped a note. Stephens is my pen name, in celebration of my grandfather. It is nice to meet you as well.


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