Apr 12, 2009

So...this is my first blog.

Welcome to my blog. The new place to be wowed by my incredible humor (I wish). Feel free to post a note.

This is the place to keep up to date with what I have in the pipeline personally and with my daily writing activities.

I will be in attendance at the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association Conference in Seattle, WA July 30th - August 2nd.
Next week, I will begin the final intensive edit to my manuscript REVERIE, the first of the Knights of the Quadri Trilogy a young adult epic-fantasy. This work has taken up my every free moment for months.
Other projects in the works:
Book II: ILLUSION of REVERIE 15,000/80,000
Book III: REFLECTION in REVERIE 5000/80,000
ONE LIFE (YA/Contemporary Fantasy) Under Development/70,000

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